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Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100


Saint - Petersburg

Cost of program of 3 (4,5,6,7) days
Price detailes:
Guide - $15 per hour or $90 for the whole day, time unlimited
Car - $15 (up to four people) per hour, $90 per day, or - options for other car (minibus) if needed.
Museum fees are not included.
Apartments - $ 50 per room per night on BB Basis (room up to 2 persons)
Meeting at the airport and transfer to apts - $30 (one way for the car)

Possible additional excursions:

A tour to Pavlovsk (Royal residence with wonderful park and Palace which is not only giving you the idea where one of significant Russian Emperors spent long period of his life, but also with a palace which gives you a great exhibition of interiors of Russia of 19th century)

A tour to Pskov (ancient Russian city, important historical and cultural center which represents its own icon school 270 km from St. Petersburg)

A tour to Vyborg (ex-Finnish city, castle unique park, Art nouveau architecture of the edge of the centuries, beautiful bay and charm of Russian-Western provincial city, 140km from St. Petersburg)

"Literature St. Petersburg", city of Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Ahmatova and others. Places where they lived and their heroes lived, symbols, truth and legends.



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