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Trade Holding "RAD" has been working at the market of St. Petersburg and North-West region as an exclusive supplier of elite alcohol product from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark and Finland since 1994. Holding has an excellent reputation and irreproachable credit history.
One of the holding's departments - "RAD" Tour Company - has been affirmed on the St. Petersburg and North-West region travel market as a tour operator, has developed programs of new travel direction - "Eventual Tourism".
We offer to our clients to combine leisure and excursions in European centers of tourism with visiting most famous cultural events, such as opera, movie, theatrical and musical festivals, carnivals. Among our offers are visiting of: famous Theatrical Festival in Avignon, Classical Festival of Arts in Salzburg, Opera Festival in Savonlinna, Jazz Festivals in Pori and Montreux and many others.
St.Petersburg as a cultural capital of Russia has a great interest
Being Russian cultural capital, St.Petersburg shows more interest in values and achievements in the sphere of arts in other countries. The cultural change and tourist activity have recently grown much. Now the citizens of St.Petersburg don't want just to go abroad but do want to see something special and get to know the best and the most interesting in that country where they go. As a rule it's the cultural events of this or that country that evoke the greatest interest. We are glad to open the best festivals, carnivals, and exhibitions all over the world, still familiar just by TV reporting.

The travel company "RAD" has long-time links with a great number of partners in many states of the world, such as "Interopa Holidays Ltd" in Great Britain, "Mark Tours " in Sultanate of Oman, "Hawk Travel" in Sri Lanka, "ADS Mundo" in Chile, "Intermar Cancun Caribe" in Mexico, "Amani Tours " in Jordan, "Pegasus" in Austria, "Orpheus Travel & Tours" in Cyprus, "UAR Tours" in UAR and many others. By this moment the company has prepared and offered to the tourist market more than 15 unique itineraries. The company is an active participant of main tourist events of the region and the world. "RAD" introduced its routs at the exhibition "Inwetex - CIS Travel Market"; a package of agreements was csigned at "MITT" exhibition in Moscow; "RAD" worked at the biggest world exhibition of tourist business "World Travel Market" in London. The company is actively setting the links with consular services and establishing direct partner relationships with the organizers of festivals and other events which tourists can visit with the help of "RAD". The company has many professional consultants in the sphere of international cultural events who share their experience and help to prepare special tourist packages.
We understand that the interest has recently grown greatly to non-standard traveling, to unknown countries, new traditions and customs. That is why the travel company "RAD" is making and promoting new itineraries at the market of St.Petersburg and North-South Region such as "Cameron is Africa in miniature", traveling to UAR, visiting the most beautiful parks of Kenya, Tanzania, UAR. Among our offers there are unusual tours along Egypt - the tour "The circle of Alexander Makedonskiy", which interests tourists by its Colored Canyon, swimming with dolphins and trip to the National Abu Haluum park.

Not of less interest the tours will be to such countries as Yemen and Oman, Jordania and Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Madagascar, Australia and New Zealand. We are opening to our tourists a surprising island of Cyprus, glorified by Homer and Evripid, where the secrets of antiques are deeply linked with achievements of new time.

In general, wherever our travelers may go, we are sure that every trip leaves only the best impressions and aspirations for new knowledge of wonderful places of our planet.
The other sphere of activity of RAD TOUR - is handling individual tourists in St.Petersburg.
We can offer to our clients wide variety of accommodation: from luxury 5* hotels to comfort family apartments in the center of the city. Great number of excursions and entertainment - are available upon request. Details…

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